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Our APIs translate the info provided by the inputs in the prompt pages to code understandable by the OpenAI API. Make sure you follow the TS types for the prompt that you are using (each prompt has a 'Body' that is translated by the API, which is an object with all the props the API needs : input values, chat model (3.5/4) and api key).

You need an OpenAI API Key to use Horizon AI Template's features. Your API Key is stored locally on your browser and never sent anywhere else.

Get your API key from Open AI Dashboard

Your API Key is not working?#

  • Make sure you have an OpenAI account and a valid API key to use ChatGPT. We don't sell API keys.
  • Make sure you have your billing info added in OpenAI Billing page. Without billing info, your API key will not work.
  • *The app will connect to OpenAI API server to check if your API Key is working properly.

ATTENTION: The model: GPT-4 does not work yet.#

If you are trying to use GPT-4, model it will not work if you don't have access from OpenAI. Note that even if you have ChatGPT Plus, you still need to request access to the GPT-4 API in order to use it with your API Key. This is OpenAI's restriction and we can't do anything about it. You can join the waitlist here .

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